Frosty Hut will be at Lee tomorrow! Please send exact amount in an envelope labeled with your child’s name.
8 months ago, Dena Poteet
See the link below for the monthly campus newsletter.
8 months ago, Dena Poteet
Each classroom has read the book, Hard Hat for Kids. The book focuses on ten character traits of being a great teammate. Congratulations to our students who were recognized for the month of September for being an “Out of This World Teammate”! 🦊💚☀️
8 months ago, Dena Poteet
Mrs. Grogan passed the “Out of This World Teacher” award to Mrs. Oakes. She had this to say: "Whenever I see Mrs. Oakes with her students, she always has kind words and a soothing tone. She connects with EACH student both academically and personally. Thank you, Mrs. Oakes for the wonderful example you set for us all." Congratulations Mrs. Oakes! 💚🦊☀️
9 months ago, Dena Poteet
Our very own Mrs. Shepherd won a $500 grant from Scholastic to help students grow a love of reading! She will be able to purchase books for her classroom. CONGRATULATIONS Mrs. Shepherd! 🦊💚📚
9 months ago, Dena Poteet
See YOU at the Pole
9 months ago, Dena Poteet
Check out the spirit days for homecoming week!
9 months ago, Dena Poteet
Congratulations to the Lee Superintendent Leadership Council members.
9 months ago, Dena Poteet
Mrs. Grogan received the OUT OF THIS WORLD TEACHER award. She has a positive attitude and smiling face anytime you see her. She has a loving and caring personality and she is rocking at Pre-K this year! She gives the kids everything they need to learn and grow. She goes above and beyond to meet the students’ needs. Congratulations Mrs. Grogan! 🎉 💚🦊
9 months ago, Dena Poteet
Mrs. Grogan
Student progress reports are now available online in the Parent Portal.
9 months ago, Stefanie Duffer
Student Progress Report Notice
Friday, September 18 Spirit Day: Wear Camo
9 months ago, Dena Poteet
Wear Camo
Vote Caddo Mills ISD as the BEST SCHOOL DISTRICT in Hunt County!
9 months ago, Dena Poteet
Please join us for a Prayer Walk in our Caddo Mills schools on Sunday August 16 at 5 PM. Schools will be open on Sunday from 5-6 PM for anyone to walk through (come and go) and pray over our schools, students, and personnel. Please wear masks and practice social distancing.
10 months ago, Caddo Mills ISD
Prayer Walk
Caddo Mills ISD welcomed our new teachers to the district this morning with a welcome breakfast. Special thanks to CMHS Cheer for the early morning appearance!
10 months ago, Caddo Mills ISD
Cheer welcome
Superintendent welcome