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Any 6th or 7th grader interested in being on the

CMMS Drill Team,

please see Ms. Crawford ASAP

to get your sign-up packets.

Cheer and Drill Results  


 We are pleased to recognize Coach Tanksley as an outstanding Digital Literacy Educator and for helping students in the 7th grade master their Digital Literacy skills. Teaching 133 students, and completing over 7,604 lessons so far this year, she is currently in the top 4% of educators in the world. Way to be "Extra"! #cmisd212  

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Please be aware of the parking lot procedures that have been in place on the middle school campus for years. We have a bus lane where only buses can pull through during mornings and afternoons. If you drop your student off or pick them up in a car, you MUST use the two pull through lanes. It is a safety issue to drop off or pick up your child from any other part of the parking lot. We cannot know where a child will dart out from a car in any other part of the lot. Please follow our procedures so all students can be safe.


Studies show that lack of sleep can lead to students being unsuccessful in school. Please monitor your student's screen time on video games and social media at night. We really appreciate your help with this at home.

 Parents and Visitors:

Please make sure you are using our front office door anytime you are entering the building. Students are not allowed to let people in the side doors. Thanks for helping us keep our students safe.
  Safety Concern:
 Please make sure you drop off and pick up in the lanes designated in our parking lot. Please drive slowly and watch for students at all times. This is for student safety and we really need your help with this.

Did you know you can get alerts about your child's grades? On the district website, go to the Student Grades icon in the middle of the page. This will take you to the Parent Portal. To create an account, you will need the Parent Portal ID number that was sent home with progress reports a couple of weeks ago. Then go to the My Account tab and be sure there is an email and a phone number listed. In the Alerts tab, go to Subscribe to Alerts to choose how you would like to be notified.

The bell at the end of the day rings at 3:20.  Please make sure you pick your student up then or have them ride the bus.  Unless they are in tutoring or sports practice, they should go home.  Teachers leave and we cannot leave them unattended in the building.
Thanks for helping us with this.

 Attn: Parents

Please be aware that CADDO MILLS MIDDLE SCHOOL is not selling or endorsing “Child Safety Kits” or American Income Life Insurance. We have not approved anyone to contact you regarding these items. These are in no way connected with your student or Caddo Mills ISD.

Anne Payne