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    One Act Play Try-Out


    Thank you for considering Middle School One Act Play in 2019! This year we are doing the play  Shipwrecked! An Entertainment. The Amazing Adventures of Louis De Rougemont (As Told by Himself) by Donald Margulies. It is a fun play that combines comedy and tragedy and is about the stories we tell. In a way, it is a play within a play, or a play about plays. You can see a version of the play by typing in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWL71vspNzQ or searching the title on Youtube.


    There are three kinds of roles available:


    1. Principals (the main characters):


    Louis De Rougement (pronounced lewee day roogmont): the lead of the play. Charismatic, agile, and changeable (he is an old man at parts and a young boy in some parts). He has the most lines. 


    Player #1: Plays many different characters, including most of the women.


    Player #2: Plays many different characters, including a dog. 


    1. Ensemble (extras):


    Less lines, help with scenery, play characters with small parts such as hecklers, spectators, and tribesmen. 


    1. Crew: 


    Behind the scenes such as light, sound, and stage manager. Will also help gather and acquire props and costumes and make sure we have everything we need to put on a good play. 


    Tryouts are on Wednesday August 28  in my classroom (room 211). Our first few practices will be in the room, then we will move to the cafeteria before going to the high school. 


    If you are trying out for Principals or Ensemble, please practice the monologue on the back and perform it in front of me on tryout day. If you are trying out for crew, watch the play using the link above before tryouts, then tell me on tryout day (preferably writing it down on a piece of paper) your ideas for the set (what did you like about theirs, what would you do differently, and how you would do it and get what you need to do it), lighting, and sound. All people trying out need to fill out the information on the back. Please note that you may not get the role that you prefer, but to have a good play, it takes an entire cast and crew. 



    Well well well!

    Look at all you lovely-looking people out there!

    Hello and welcome to this temple of the imagination!

    Allow me to introduce myself:

    My name, dear audience, is Louis de Rougement.

    (To an audience member.) Aren’t you clever, you’re quite right, it is French. 

    First the law mandates that I deal with a bit of unpleasant business: Should unforeseen events occur--fire or flood--please note points of egress at the front and rear of the auditorium. 

    Next, you must put away any and all distracting devices.

    Go on--you know who you are. 

    Tuck them away or we will take them away. 

    And crush them.

    With mallets. (He chuckles.)

    Hush, now! For I am about to tell you a story.

    A story all the more remarkable because every word of it is true. That’s right. Every word. 

    (With a flourish.) Gentle boys and girls, kind men and ladies: The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougement! As told by himself!



    Role preference: 

    Other Activities; times you practice, play, or compete:


    Can you commit to practicing at least two times a week after school (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and three times a week during November?:


    Did you pass all your classes every six weeks last year? (if not, please explain how you will do so this year. No pass No one act play):