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Updated 8/6/18


Dear Parent,

Thank you for expressing interest in TMSCA. Students are welcome to try any subject area of TMSCA.  There is not a maximum amount of students allowed. Instead, there can be any amount of students who participate in each event.

TMSCA is a great tool for UIL participants.  TMSCA tests are very similar to UIL tests and therefore can be used as practice. For your student to be a success in the program, they need to:

  • Record 10 hours of time spent practicing. This can occur in Academic Advisory period, before/ after school, UIL class, or during thier free time in other classes. TMSCA tests taken before/ after school or on weekends count towards these 10 hrs. Students who take the TMSCA tests outside of school will easily reach the 10 hrs.
  • The 10 hrs needed is a total amount and not 10 hrs per event. Students who spend 3 hours outside of school taking several TMSCA tests can count all 3 hrs towards their TMSCA logs and UIL logs.
  • Once the TMSCA tests are made available to Mrs. Morrison, she will make announcements with details of test days and times in the morning announcements and on Facebook.
  • There will always be a 2-3 day window for students to take their TMSCA tests. Students who are involved in extracurricular activities will have many options available.
  • Mrs. Morrison will proctor and grade all TMSCA tests. Any essays will be graded by a UIL coach. Results will be posted outside her door, online, and qaulifying students will receive certificates. 



Thank you,

Sarah Morrison