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STEM in Caddo Mills

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. The skills gained in these disciplines are crucial for our students' success.  More importantly, combined and taught intertwined, the students experience real world situations with hands-on, problem solving learning. We focus on these areas in Caddo Mills ISD so that our students are prepared for college and life after they leave our schools.



Mrs. Whitlock's Concepts of Engineering class completed a unit on Aerodynamics that included building and test flying Delta Darts. Students first learned the basic concepts of aerodynamics and flight, discussing lift, weight, thrust and drag as well as Archimedes' and Bernoulli's Principles. Next, students explored the construction process with an emphasis on quality control. Students then built their Delta Darts, completed test flights and made adjustments to improve performance. Weather conditions were not ideal but several planes flew extremely well. Finally, students reflected on the project, highlighting what went well, could have been better, and what could have been done differently next time.