• Caddo Mills ISD

    Principles of Health Science



         Instructor: Candice Ochsendorf RN           Conference Period: 12:52pm to 1:37pm             

    Email: cochsendorf@caddomillsisd.org       Office Phone Number: (903) 527-3416 ext:2305

    Course Description: Principles of Health Science is designed to be a well-balanced course of study where the student develops critical thinking skills in the field of Healthcare. This will include the study of wellness and disease; science, which includes anatomy, physiology and pharmacology; and technology, which includes discussions and experiences in a high-tech environment. The student will learn about the career opportunities available in the healthcare field, as well as learning basic entry level skills and theory applicable in a variety of health care careers. The student will develop knowledge as a consumer of healthcare services, and this will enable the student to make informed decisions about career objectives. The curriculum will combine classroom and laboratory experience, placing emphasis on defining the roles and responsibilities and refining competencies to prepare students for future employment and/or further education.

    ● Credits: 1 credit

    ● Grades 9-12

    ● Required prerequisite: none

    TEKS: ​http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/rules/tac/chapter130/ch130h.html

    Primary Instructional Materials: ​Healthcenter 21

    Supplemental Instructional Materials: Simmers DHO Health Science

    Supplies needed:

    ● 1 1/2 inch Binder

    college rulled notebook paper

    ● pen and/or pencil

    ● White card stock

    ● 5 dividers

    Course Objectives:

    ● The student demonstrates professional standards/employability skills as required by business and industry.

    ● The student applies mathematics, science, English language arts, and social studies in health science.

    ● The student uses verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

    ● The student implements the leadership skills necessary to function in a democratic society.

    ● The student assesses career options and the preparation necessary for employment in the health science industry.

    ● The student identifies academic preparation and skills necessary for employment as defined by the health science industry. The student is expected to     identify academic requirements for professional advancement such as certification, licensure, registration, continuing education, and advanced degrees.

    ● The student identifies the career pathways related to health science.

    ● The student examines the role of the multidisciplinary team in providing health care.

    ● The student interprets ethical behavior standards and legal responsibilities.

    ● The student recognizes the rights and choices of the individual.

    ● The student recognizes the importance of maintaining a safe environment and eliminating hazardous situations.

    ● The student identifies the technology used in the diagnostic, therapeutic, health informatics, support services, and biotechnology research and development systems.

    Grading Policy: Your final grade will be based on your progress throughout the semester in the areas of applied skills, test, and daily work. The test grades come from satisfactorily completing applied skill projects and test. There will be at least one project and one test every grading period. The daily work portion of your final grade includes homework, notebook, and daily participation. They will be weighted as follows:

    ● Tests and Projects 60%

    ● Daily Work 40%

    Class participation grades will be based on the following scale.

    ● Student exhibits on-task behavior and attitude the entirety of the class period-90-100

    ● Student exhibits on-task behavior and attitude more than half of the class period-80-89

    ● Student occasionally exhibits off-task behaviors and attitudes-70-79

    ● Student regularly exhibits off-task behaviors and attitudes-60-69

    ● Student does not participate-less than 59.

    Makeup/Late Work: It is the responsibility of the student to obtain all makeup work assignments for the day(s) they were absent, or missed class. Lab participation cannot be made up. All school policies regarding makeup and late work will be followed. Failed Assignments: Students will be given one opportunity to redo each failing assignment, such as quizzes, homework, test, or projects with the highest grade being a (70). Redo work must be turned in within five calendar days of it being returned to the student. All redo assignments must be on a separate sheet of paper. The missed question and correct answer must be provided with rational and explanations as to how this answer is correct. The student has two options on how to complete this. First option is to type all the required information and either email to cochsendorf@caddomillsisd.org or print it and turn it into the appropriate box.