7th Grade Science

    Mackenzie Stokes

    7th Grade Science/ Middle School Girls Coordinator




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    CONFERENCE: 4th Period

    Course Description

    We will discuss, explore, and learn a variety of science topics over the course of the year. Students will be expected to further their knowledge of science by  participating in various ways, such as; independent learning, collaboration, hands-on activities and lab investigations. The topics we will be exploring are listed below.

    • Scientific Investigation and Reasoning
    • Matter and Energy
    • Force, Motion, and Energy
    • Earth and Space
    • Organisms and Environments

    Attendance/ Tardy Policy

    Students are expected to be sitting in their desk before the tardy bell rings.

    If the student is not in his/her seat when the tardy bell rings, he/she will be counted tardy, which result in a signature in the discipline book.

    Hall/Restroom Passes

    Students will be issued 3 passes per 9 weeks. Students may use these 3 passes for using the restroom or going to their locker. Once all 3 passes have been used, they will receive a book signature for any additional breaks. NOTE: PASSES are renewed each 9 Weeks. Please use hall/ restroom Passes wisely.

    Late Work and Corrections

    Assignments will be subject to a -10 point deduction if turned in 1 day past the due date. Students have 5 days after the due date to submit late work and will receive a -30 point deduction if turned in 2-5 days after the due date. IF LATE WORK IS NOT SUBMITTED WITHIN 5 DAYS OF THE DUE DATE IT WILL REMAIN A ZERO!

    All Assignments BELOW a 70 can be corrected for the grade of a 70. Students must come to a tutoring session before they are able to correct any assignment or test.

    • Tutorials

    Tuesday: 3:20-3:45


    Grading Policy

    40% Daily Grades

    60% Test Grades

    • Classroom Supplies
    • Pen/Pencil
    • 5 Subject Spiral Notebook
    • Glue Stick
    • Scissors

    Behavior Violation

    1st Offense: Book Signature

    2nd Offense: Book Signature

    3rd Offense: Book Signature/Parent Email

    4th Offense: Detention

    5th offense: Office referral

    Make-Up Work

    It is the student’s responsibility to obtain make-up work. Students with excused absences will have the total number of days absent,plus 1 day to complete work.