New Student Transfers
  • The Board of Trustees has approved a limited transfer policy for 2020-2021. The tuition for the

    2020-2021 year will be $1,000 per student for Grades K-12. Tuition will be payable in advance 

    for each semester ($500 each semester) and shall not be refundable. All transfers are subject

    to approval by the Superintendent or designee on a space available basis and must meet the

    district approved criteria.


    Transfer applications shall be evaluated on the following criteria:

     The application is complete;

     The student has at least a 95% attendance rate for the past two years*; 

     The student has not been suspended, assigned to an alternative disciplinary education

    setting, or expelled during the past two years*;

     The student has had passing grades in all courses and has passed all required state 

    mandated assessments during the past two years. If a student was not eligible to take 

    the state mandated assessment, this criterion shall be based on other standardized 

    testing or assessments as appropriate*; 

     The grade level of the student seeking admission and the effect of additional students at

    the grade level on class size and facilities;

     Transfers will be denied if acceptance of transfer requires hiring additional staff;

     Transfer students presently enrolled in Caddo Mills ISD will be considered first for

    available transfer positions.


    The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any transfer request, provided that such action

    is without regard to race, religion, color, sex, disability, or national origin. 

    The Board may revoke the transfer of a student who fails to maintain acceptable levels of 

    attendance, academic achievement, and compliance with the Caddo Mills ISD Student Code of Conduct.





    Application Interest Statement

    Transfer Application CMISD

    Transfer Application TEA

    Transfer Application Checklist

    Application Commitment Agreement



    **Please supply Caddo Mills ISD with as much documentation as possible regarding these requests. (See transfer application checklist) Also, please make sure you keep copies of the above criteria for your records to enroll at the campus because the copies attached will be kept in the Central Administration Office.